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Captain : George Cassidy

A product of our original junior crop, George is now one of our leading bats and captain for the 2019 season. Top run scorer in 2016 and 2017 he holds the   club record of 177 and has centuries to his name in the last 3 seasons. George is a powerful right hander who occasionally takes the gloves behind the stumps if his Father allows. Also known to bowl a mixed bag of mystery balls!

Umpire : Frank Legge

Our most esteemed match official and an ever present home or away. Always more lenient when Crystal Palace are doing well. 
William Batty Smith
A fluent classy bat with a century to his name and regular scores in the top order. Also bowls medium quick with a devastating slower ball. For some reason he speaks with an Australian accent in the field but we let it go. Most wickets in 2018. Grandson of Vice President and Mere CC stalwart John White. 
Charlie Cassidy
Charlie is the youngest of the Cassidy trio, a devious leg spin bowler on his day and a useful bat. Great pair of hands and one of our quickest in the field so usually ends up covering for 2 or 3 of the "senior members" in the fielding department.
Mark Cassidy
Wicketkeeper and right handed bat known in the past for his dogged occupation of the crease. Recent seasons have seen a shot or two added to his repertoire allowing for a half century (off 369 deliveries) in 2018. Ever more reliable behind the stumps this Spa loving landlord is an original member of the re-formed club and current chairman. Runs the Walnut when he's not running out the Treasurer.
Matt Pitts
"Pittsy" as he's known within certain circles is a member of our Eton three. A past club captain and a truly class batsman who's elegance and timing at the crease is a joy to behold when he's at his imperious best. Often found partnering his fellow Etonian Duncan Weir theirs is a pairing that has seen Mere to victory on numerous occaisons. Although he rarely turns his arm over, the rumour is that he also has an unplayable slow off spin if in the groove.
Nick Ryan
Our full time scorer, father and mentor to paceman Mike, Nick is a meticulous and thorough keeper of the scorebook. His attention to detail is legendary and attempts by us playing mortals to keep score properly has led to many a raised eyebrow from the Ryan brow and disconsolate shake of the head when the letter "W" has been used for both wides and wickets. He has however allowed a select few into his hitherto secret world and the noble art looks to be in safe hands should Nick decide to resurrect his playing career. Glimpses of his legendary very slow brand of spin are now few and far between. No official retirement has been announced from his camp but he certainly looks at his most comfortable with a fresh leaded pencil and rubber. 
Martin Silk
Silky or Daffy, Donald, Mallard, Peking or Crispy as he's lovingly referred to by his teammates is a consummate all rounder. Holds the club record for most runs off an over v Chilmark and the world record for ┬ús per run scored in the most valuable bat statistics. He is however an athlete that belies his age and on his day moves the ball both ways with a skill that baffles us and him alike. 
Ben Skipworth
Ben "Skippy" Skipworth known for his susceptibility to injury (one hamstring and one dislocation) in his first 2 games, is enjoying his 2nd cricketing career. An undoubted talent when not on the physio's couch. Those critics who see him as a journeyman who will be happy to pick up his wages in the lower leagues and dining out on past glories should take a look at the stats. A genuine off spinner (genuine in that he is actually able to turn the ball) and a batsman possessing all the shots in the book who is extremely hard to dislodge.
Duncan Weir
Our captain from 2013-2018 and a classy right handed batsman with a grace and style that stands out. An accumulator who rarely goes big but picks the bowling off with deftness and timing. Occasionally turns his hand to bowling if non turning off spin is required. He is our legal expert and social secretary, two roles that have been known to overlap quite nicely if previous extra-curricular activities in the name of team bonding are anything to go by. The only member of the club to have appeared in the Wisden handbook (we wondered where his repetoire of one liners came from) Duncan is the senior member of the Eton Three, and the one educated to the highest level. Mr Weir is a traditionalist who enjoys the finer points of village cricket, his stand-off with Mr Yeo when challenged as to the authenticity of his lemon drizzle cake is a day that will live long in the memory. 
Tom White
Father of young Charles White, Earl of Mill Lane, Tom is the elder statesman of the club whose knowledge and experience of the game is of great benefit to our young inexperienced chargers. A solid run maker and stroke player who is more at home throwing himself around in the covers  than hogging and slot in the slip cordon.
Kevin Whitmore
Instantly recognisable by his different length legs, Kev is one of Mere CC's founding fathers. Right handed bat who always threatens to score big once in. Has been known to hold the "pose" longer than a catalogue model. Came late into cricket after a successful career in football, plying his trade for West Ham, a knee injury finally forcing him to retire at 33. Most famous probably as a stunt double in the eponymous football/war film "Escape to Victory" when he came up against some of his old footballing enemies once again. Kevin will be remembered in Mere cricket history for his match winning catch, juggling deep on the boundary against Buckhorn and the subsequent adulation heaped upon him by his on-rushing teammates. Equally well known for his reaction to an early dismissal..Kevin likes to take a contemplative lap or two of the boundary whilst collecting his thoughts and re-composing himself. He currently holds the lap record and is unlikely to relinquish it readily. A medium paced bowler with a trademark in-swinger which has been the undoing of many. Now finds himself in regular competition for the wickets with daughter Robyn who's unerring accuracy and consistent pace is certainly not in keeping with her Father's. Also Mere CC's most gifted dancer as many a nightclub audience will testify, whether or not he has the club poodle under one arm.
Robyn Whitmore
Daughter of the esteemed Kevin Whitmore that is where the similarities end. An accomplished medium/fast bowler with a great arm in the field and more than handy with the bat. 
Mark Williams
Mark Williams is a right handed bottom handed bat whose unerring ability to play across the line is legendary. His rapid reactions and extremely low centre of gravity makes his hard hitting swinging difficult to contend with. His bowling prowess consists of the classic mixed bag when he can be as surprised as the batsman as to the deliveries he sends down. Has been known to turn a ball off the pitch but that usually means it's landed off the pitch in the first place.
Lewis Wood
Lewis is proof that hard work and dedication can pay off as he is by far and away the best drummer in the team. As the years have taken their toll he is unable to race in at the medium slow trot of yester year and has now developed a love of loopy leg spin. His batting has been described as Mercurial but that has more to do with holding the bat like the Queen front man held his mic stand. Is available most week-ends for birthdays, weddings, functions and if you need a tree chopped down or some good quality logs then Lou Bear is your man!
Bryan Yeo
Mere's all time leading wicket taker, Bryan "tidy spell" Yeo is a key cog in the Mere wheel, being both the guardian of the Mere purse as treasurer and our esteemed fixture "fixer". Possibly past his imperious best as other cricketers from his era (Bradman, Compton, WG Grace) he still has an enthusiasm for the game not often seen at village level. A methodical right handed bat with a style of running all of his own, he holds the world record for involvement in run outs. Bowls a nagging wicket to wicket (although not necessarily on the same strip) slow off break and has one of the most enthusiastic appeals outside of test cricket. It is yet to be seen whether a close season leg break will affect his ability to bowl wides and drop catches on as regular a basis in the coming season.
Lawrence Yeo
Lawrence, son of Bryan and member of the Yeo Trio is certainly the most well known in cricketing circles. His brash no nonsense approach with the bat normally makes for exciting viewing and is in contrast to that of his Father. Equally impressive with the ball he boasts real pace and intent and is a great weapon when bowling in tandem with one of our other speed demons. His natural cricketing talent is in no doubt...where he gets it from is.
Rebecca Yeo
Becky is one of our young lady cricketers who is both dangerous with bat or ball. An accomplished and polished right handed bat. One of the Yeo Trio she consistently outscores her mentor and Father who's pearls of wisdom mid-game only go to spur her on. With the ball she bowls a medium fast delivery with impressive outswing when conditions prevail.
Chirpy in the field with a good arm, Becky is an asset to the side. One of our level 2 coaches.
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